Check before you Trim

Spring is here…well it’s close, and the itch has already started to get out into the backyard and do some cleanup. Before you start cutting and trimming the trees and bushes do a thorough inspection for bird nests. This is the time of year when they are building the nest and could also have eggs by now. Look where the branches meet the trunk, or where branches come off of other limbs. And what to do with all those branches that you take down? Make a natural roosting place or hideaway by placing all the branches in a big pile in direct sunlight, you will be amazed at how much activity you will see within the pile. We cut down a big spruce tree in our yard and then cut the trunk into smaller pieces and because we are procrastinators, there they sit, but the birds absolutely love it. Every time I go out into the yard the entire pile is alive with birds. Give it a try!