Glass and Birds

Ever wonder why birds hit your window? Go outside and stand at least 10 feet from a window and you will see why. Your backyard, including trees and sky, are reflected in the window, this tricks birds and they continue their flight path picking up speed until they hit the window. If you hear a bang on your window the possibility that the bird survived the crash is pretty good, go outside and take a look below the window they hit and if you find the bird and it is still alive, get some gloves, pick it up, place it in a shoebox or something similar and place in a dark, quiet area. Within an hour or two you should hear some activity in the box at which time you can release them back to nature. If it is injured contact Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation at 403-946-2361. There are many things you can do to help prevent this deadly issue and help the birds. We sell static cling decals that either go on the inside or outside, we also have window feathers and UV Liquid (a decal in liquid form). Try placing your feeders or birdbaths in different locations, placed within 3 feet of the window or 30 feet away is best or place screening/netting hung 3 inches away from glass and taut enough to bounce birds off before they make contact with the glass. Here is a great website, and learn why this has become one of the biggest killers of birds.