Leave it To Mother Nature

This is a very busy time of year for babies and we as humans think we are helping when in fact we are interfering. There are baby birds on the ground right now that are being taught very important life lessons, there are baby deer that are deliberately being left in a protected area so that mom can go off and forage and there are baby rabbits and hares that are left on the ground awaiting the return of mom and dad. This is all part of mother nature and we have to learn to let her take her course, however difficult it may seem it is all part of life. Recently Dave and I along with my mom and dad sat in on Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society’s first ever Living With Wildlife Town Hall on June 8th, where we met some really great people and learned a lot about wildlife. It was a great success and they are doing another one, this one takes place at on July 6th at the FCJ Centre @ 219 19 Avenue SW from 7-9pm. This is a FREE event and a wonderful organization to support. Check out their website www.calgarywildlife.org and hope to see you at The Town Hall Meeting.