Like or Dislike

Once you start feeding birds it’s inevitable that the squirrels will join in on the buffet. There are people who don’t mind, like myself, but there are some who don’t want them on the bird feeders. There are several ideas that will help with this problem depending on what you want as the outcome. Do you still want to feed the squirrels? Try a squirrel feeder, this has proved to be a successful way to keep the squirrels from going to the bird feeders, but you will want to make sure the squirrel feeder doesn’t go empty or they will gravitate back to the bird feeders. We also have squirrel proof and squirrel resistant options. The squirrel proof feeders are guaranteed to keep the squirrels from accessing the seed when placed in the right location, that being away from tree trunks, overhangs, tree branches and fences. We are a service depot for this line of feeders and with a Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage you will never have to buy another feeder. The squirrel resistant feeders are rated to deter squirrels and bigger birds from accessing the seed tube inside of the cage. The word “resistant” is the key here, it does do a pretty good job, but baby or young squirrels are small enough to get inside of the cage. Birds and squirrels can co-exist, and if they are going to be in your yard anyway trying to find a way to enjoy both will keep your backyard critters happy!