While Kris and Dave love backyard birding, we also have a love for other things nature and have taken up scuba diving when we get the chance. We try to combine camping with much of what we do in the summer and love the chances to travel around Alberta and Canada checking out the birds. We want to use this page to post links to neat sites that we like and great places that we have been. We are big supporters of BUY LOCAL, and have added links to great places in and around Calgary to shop, eat, visit and stay. There will be birding sites along with other neat ideas and places to go and see the wonderful nature that is always around us.

http://chinookhoney.com Great local Honey, Mead wine and gift store. Stop by and say hi to Art and Cherie.

www.rosebudtheatre.com This little Gem has to be experienced. Great food, lots of Bed and Breakfasts’ and an awesome theater program. If you are looking for a great overnight get away this is it!

www.birds.cornell.edu A Great site all about birds. We follow their posts on our facebook page and they have a great assortment of feeder and house cams to follow.

www.ellisbirdfarm.ca A gem in central Alberta. Just east of Lacombe a must visit in the summer for a great day of birding and information.

www.turksandcaicostourism.com Kris and Dave were open water certified here and have plans to go back as often as possible, or as the finances allow. Great beaches, fantastic diving, and some really neat birds that you only see in tropical locations.

www.mammysplace.ca This one is on our “to do” list. Looks like a great place to see all kinds of bird life.

www.brephotography.com A local artist that we are happy to support.

www.carolynsandstrom.com A local artist that we are happy to support.

www.piejunkie.ca A local bakery where they make the best pies-both sweet and savory.

www.crispycrust.ca A local pizza joint that has the best pizza in the city (our opinion, but think once you try it you will agree).