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  1. Hello Linda. Would it be possible to advertise of the upcoming Golden Eagle migration count starting in September, in the Kananaskis area, in your Newsletter? It would be a new bird watching item for probably many Calgarians. Thank you!

    Call for Eagle Migration Count Assistant ​ Observers​

    The Annual Fall​ Migration Count ​of ​Golden Eagle​s ​and other raptors ​ will take place ​at Mount Lorette in the Kananaskis ​ from ​September 20​ ​to​ ​November 15​, 2016 ​.​ ​

    Join or volunteer to aid experienced observers from the Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation who are ​on​ site, sunrise to sunset daily; binoculars and telescope equipment ​will be​ available. All dedicated and amateur bird watchers are invited to come watch or act as ​a spotter or​ ‘skysweeper’ ​.​

    Check http://www.eaglewatch.ca for the updated daily golden eagle and the overall raptor count, and the Mount Lorette coordinates and map location. Make this a family​-​friendly and educational or recreational outing! Please contact Cliff Hansen (via the RMERF contact page and start with “Attention Cliff Hansen”) if ​you’re​ interested in going to the site.

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      We had already published September, but will be happy to mention it in our up coming newsletters.