Pests and Cans

Here is a subject we talk a fair bit about in our store, keeping pests out of the birdseed. Over the years I have had many customers tell me they store the birdseed in their house, this is a big no no, and this is why. All birdseed, even ours, carries meal moth larvae that lay dormant until the temperature is warm enough to help them hatch. If your seed is stored in your house and you open the lid or the bag they escape unnoticed into your house, there they manage to get into everything. Cereal, flour, cookies and anything plastic, once there they lay more eggs which in turn hatch because the temperature is ideal and now you have an infestation which will take you a year or more to clear up. If you have no alternative to storing your seed inside I suggest you either store it in your fridge (not freezer) or you open the container or bag outside. If you have the space to store your seed outside the house, store it in a metal garbage container. We sell metal cans with a lid that will hold a 20 lb bag of seed, and if you need something bigger Princess Auto sells metal garbage cans with a lid for $30.00. These will definitely be rodent proof and will help to keep your birdseed fresh. Store your seed virtually anywhere, in the garage, in the garden shed or simply on your deck for easy access.