Think all suet is the same?

So we had a customer in the store a week ago, and when we asked him if he fed suet in his yard he replied “no”. We asked him why and he said he bought suet at a big box store but no birds ever ate it. So I handed him a block of Pinetree Suet and told him to go home and clean his feeder with hot, soapy water and put the new suet in. Well guess what? He came in today and was so excited that the day after doing what he was told to do, he now has a Northern flicker and a Downy woodpecker coming to the suet everyday. He said he came in today because he needs more suet. Not all suet and for that matter birdseed is created equal. We sell only Pinetree Suet which in our opinion is the best brand you can buy (the above story is proof). We know it is more expensive than the brands you can buy at big box stores, but what savings are you getting if the birds won’t eat it! Making sure that the birdseed is fresh and does not contain “filler” (wheat, barley, red millet and milo) will also help with attracting more songbirds to your yard and will keep your yard clean and free of diseases. Come on in to The Wild Bird Store and get your “seeducation“!