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March 11, 2017

The time has come for The Wild Bird Store to move. We have outgrown the space we are in now and desperately need to have our warehouse in the same location as the retail outlet, and that cannot happen in the current location. There are a few locations that Kris and Dave are actively looking at to see what will work best for the store and our valued customers. Our plan is to find a location that is South of 58 Ave, West of Macleod Trail, East of Deerfoot Trail and North of Heritage Drive.

We would greatly appreciate your input as one of our many valued customers. We will consider all of your input which will help us make your birding experience even better.

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14 Responses

  1. Doug and Sandy Carder

    Well, that’s great. A move to a larger shop with more merchandise for birders and bee-keepers as well as possible expansion of earth friendly themed merchandise. It has become evident to us that your mantra appears to be to have a facility that is nature friendly. We look forward to this going forward and will continue to support your business.

    • The Wild Bird Store

      Thank you for your past and continued support, we can’t do it without our customers.

  2. Gail Matthews

    Moving to a larger spot would be great. More space, more merchandise, as well as friendly staff makes for very happy customers…looking forward to the change & will continue to support you on your move…

    • The Wild Bird Store

      Thank you. We try our best and are glad to have great customers.

  3. E. Charlton

    I would be happy to follow you to a larger location with more space for merchandise. Would also appreciate more parking availability as the current lot is pretty cramped.

    • The Wild Bird Store

      Thank you. We hope to continue to provide a great experience for our customers.

  4. Brian Stahl

    Great news! Love the current store/location so imagine it can only get better in a new and more spacious location. You have a wonderful staff and we look forward to the change wherever it may be. See you soon.
    Kindest regards,
    Brian and Debbie Stahl

    • The Wild Bird Store

      We will continue to strive for that. Thanks

  5. Jerry Burdenie

    Looking forward to the new location — wherever it may be. I live in the northwest, so a move won’t affect me seriously. I’ll continue to patronize your store.

    • The Wild Bird Store

      Thank you for input. Keep checking back with our web site as new information gets posted.

  6. Martin Urquhart

    Hope the new location meets all your needs. The customer will also benefit. Regardless of the location I’m in. Have been a fan and supporter since you opened in Calgary.

    • The Wild Bird Store

      Thank you for your continued support. We to hope it will meet the needs of Calgary and surrounding area for backyard birding needs.

  7. Grant Brydle

    A new location combining your retail and warehouse with more space for both merchandise and parking will be a significant improvement. I have supported your store since late 2003 and will continue to do so. Please email when you move.

    How much larger will your new store be?

    • The Wild Bird Store

      The show room will be about twice the size, we will have a gallery/classroom and then warehouse space. We are very excited.