What Do You Want?

I have plenty of subjects that I can blog about, but I really want to know what you would like to read about. Send me your ideas, issues, concerns, trivia and knowledge and I will share it with our birding community. Today I will give you some tips to help in your backyard. Do you trim back your trees? If so collect the branches that you cut down and pile them in a corner of your yard where there is sun exposure and you will be amazed at the amount of birds that will hang out inside of this brush pile. Do you have a bird bath or a pond that is accessible to the birds? Try adding some Black Soldier Fly Larvae (these are freeze-dried) to the water and watch the birds enjoy a high protein meal. Want to attract a wider variety of birds to your yard? Try adding a bird bath, a peanut feeder or a suet feeder and you will attract chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers. Do you own a window feeder that suctions to the glass? Here is a sure fire way to make it stick and keep your suction cups from drying out and cracking. First off make sure your windows and suctions cups are clean, then apply a tiny bit of vegetable oil around the rim of each cup and no matter the season it will never come off until you want it to. Want a more natural way to clean your bird bath? Use Hydrogen Peroxide and a scrub brush, once you are done you can dump on the ground or down the drain without causing any harm to our drinking water. I am a huge advocate of protecting whatever grows from the ground. Think about that for a minute! If you spray chemicals to get rid of pest insects or weeds, that chemical will leach into the soil and whatever grows from the ground, whether it be grass, plants, flowers or fruits and vegetables is then consumed by you or animals. You, your pets, feathered friends or good insects, like bees and dragonflies then ingest and will be harmful if not fatal. I could rant all day about this subject, but I will refrain and if you would like more information please come in to our store and open a dialogue.