You Found a Baby Bird

You find a baby bird on the ground, what should you do? The very first rule of thumb is to not intervene in the world of nature. This is a hard rule because who wants to see a baby in trouble and all alone, but it is important to be an observer only and let nature take its course. If the parent(s) are not strong enough to protect their young they have to learn, unfortunately, the hard way and then next breeding season they will be better parents. If you see that the baby bird is in immediate danger and you can see the nest place the baby bird back in the nest, if you can’t see the nest place the baby in bush or shrub so that the parents will be able to hear them. If the baby is injured or bleeding here is a couple of organizations to contact and they will send out a volunteer to pick up the baby and hopefully rehabilitate. Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation¬†or Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.